Jodie - Dublin, Ireland

Groove Guide sessions provide a safe, judgement free space to discuss any obstacles or setbacks you may be experiencing in different areas of life. Wade is attentive, offers you the space and time to express freely and openly, and offers practical solutions and attainable goals with advice straight from the heart. I could not speak more highly of these sessions, and Wade’s knowledge and professionalism is truly invaluable.

Nolly - Melbourne, Australia

My Groove Guide sessions with Wade exceeded all my expectations. Wade created a warm and welcoming, judgment free environment where I felt free to be myself, grow and become the best version of me. I learnt so much about who I am and where I want to be. After every session I felt empowered, motivated, inspired and grateful.

Jaclyn - Utah, USA

Groove Guide with Wade not only changed my life but actually saved my life. The valuable tools I’ve learned I apply every single day. If you want a complete shift of perspective, of learning, and of your entire life, this is the program for you. Learning how to cope through any situation and learning that pain is actually the most beautiful transforming awakening emotion you could ever feel, is the most important piece I’m taking away from Groove Guide! I feel more of ‘me’ then I ever have before! I wish everyone could learn these healing powers and practices! Thank you Wade!

Ryan - New Orleans, USA

My Groove Guide sessions with Wade have been very enlightening in several ways. He is an intuitive, empathic and emotionally aware mentor. Wade has been a tremendously helpful resource for me in regard to mental and emotional wellness, self-care and the illumination of spirit. In my experience, the Groove Guide is something that instills courage, dauntlessness and light, while recognizing the wholeness of who we are—the senses, the mind, the psyche, the body, the emotions and the spirit. His creative approach is something I would recommend for anyone looking for some guidance and ready to learn how to create change from within.

Vicky - Brisbane, Australia

I was looking for some direction in a time of uncertainty & Wade was the perfect person to help me through. Through his life experiences & support, we worked through my challenges & I’m now focused on an exciting path ahead. Wade is genuine, open minded, trustworthy & understanding. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Wade to anyone needing further guidance in the journey of life.

Anja - NYC, USA

Ever since I started Groove Guide with Wade my life has changed drastically for the better. Wade has led me to a fountain of knowledge and a path to healing from my particular traumas. Wade's extremely detailed, wise, smart, straight to the point and peaceful guidance has opened up a world of relief and hope in my life I never thought existed.

Keri - New York, USA

Grove Guide has given me the tools to help me with the relationships in my life and is teaching me how to look at and handle every day stresses and situations. Wade has introduced me to meditation which has been a life-changing experience. I am beyond grateful for our talks and his guidance.

Angela - NYC, USA

I found myself called to work with Wade and I am so glad I jumped on it. He was both a great listener as well as someone who offered me both concrete and spiritual guidance. I found a different way of looking at some of my challenges.